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IS COMING!!! SPRATTUS - DAGORLAD - V.I.D.A. The 3 most representative bands of metal in the area together! WHAT YOU CAN NOT LOSE YOU!!! March 21 at TeDeum. Ticket sales at LAPS ROCK and MISTER GEORGE

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Friends: Sprattus is pleased to announce, Gustavo Di Yorio is the new bass-player of sprattus.
As many already know, Gustavo Di Yorio, had formed the band as a replacement for Enrique Videla in recent shows in the area and on Holland tour.
Both Enrique and the rest of the band we think is the right person to fill the position as bass-player in sprattus.

So we expect you to welcome you like us to this great family and you are sprattus.

domingo, 31 de enero de 2010


After a long period of personal balance Enrique Videla, bear and soul promoter of the meeting of SPRATTUS there for the ' 90, where the band was almost dissolved, he has solved to give had finished its cycle like integral of the same one.

As well as once the passion for the music takes it to be part of SPRATTUS along anything less than 19 YEARS, today the same restlessness impel it to carry out a personal project.

All SPRATTUS, accepts and it respects the decision taken by Enrique, which doesn't leave the band, if not that it continues in this contributing his but from another plane.

"The memories build a road that arrives until the heart, yesterday's memories they will last an entire life."